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Our Beloved Mentors


Our mentors have always held an important role in our team. Every single aspect of the Tigerbytes relates back to having a mentor in the field. Our mechanical, programming, electrical, and business teams are supported by our mentors who are always willing to dedicate their time and energy into the process.  With dedicated mentors, our team has been able to thrive and build better robots year after year allowing us to expand our business skills as well as enhance awareness in our community. With our mentor's help, we've been able to make anything and everything possible. 


Although it seems very simple, the role of mentors is quite complicated. Beyond aiding in the construction of robots and business plans, mentors have the ability to inspire us as well as the ability to shape our team into a functioning unit that is capable of being successful in all that we do. To say the least, mentors form a significant part of the backbone and infrastructure of our team. 

Without mentors, The Tigerbytes would lack guidance and inspiration. For these reasons, it is undoubtedly sure that mentors are an essential part of our successful team.

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