Student Leadership

Name: Rogelio Rodriguez

Title: Chief Operations Officer

Year in school: Junior

Fun fact: I've participated in the biggest Tuba ensemble in the world. 

Name: Xavier Kriege

Title: Chief Finance Officer

Year: Senior

Fun fact: 

Name: Merci Russell

Title: Chief Community Officer

Year: Senior

Fun fact: I rescue and help wild animals.

Student captains

Name: Jennifer Nguyen 

Title: Marketing Captain

Year in school: Junior

Fun fact: I'm a self taught calligraphist and I want to open a eco-friendly sticker shop online someday.

Name: Indigo Ly

Title: Software Captain

Year in school: Sophomore

Fun fact: I dressed up as Dora for Halloween 2019.

Name: Nick Dobson

Title: Hardware Captain

Year in school: Senior

Fun fact: I always wear wheelies and I have never fallen before.

Name: Gus Thomas 

Title: Competition Captain

Year in school: Junior

Fun fact: I like numbers!

Name: August Rowse

Title: Outreach Captain

Year in school: Junior

Fun fact:


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Friday - 2:30 - 6:30 P.M

Saturday - 9 A.M.- 3 P.M.



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